Kensington Kids Kingdom Philosophy

Children should be provided with an educational, safe, healthy, caring, stimulating and family-oriented environment that reflects the warm nurturing and friendly atmosphere that our parents create at home.

At Kensington Kids Kingdom, we aim to recognise the importance of our children's early years, and provide an appropriate environment that is tranquil, sincere and nurturing to ensure each child, family and educator feels a sense of belonging, being and becoming.

  • The program has an open approach to learning incorporating a flexible and spontaneous outlook. Educators encourage children’s interests and their contributions to the curriculum. Educators play an important role in shaping children’s identities giving them the skills to face life’s challenges (Becoming).

  • A positive learning environment is created where children can learn at their own pace utilising individual skills and abilities. Educators actively observe children and extend learning by encouraging children to wonder, explore, test, predict problem solve, negotiate, reflect, and research through play and in partnership with their peers, families and educators (being).

  • Our centre is an extension of the home environment by establishing a calm, friendly and positive atmosphere where children take ownership and are active participants in respecting themselves, each other and our resources (Belonging).

  • Our learning centre encourages children to revisit experiences, refining, reinforcing and challenging their abilities (becoming).

  • By encouraging children to positively contribute in creating an eco-friendly (natural surrounding) and sustainable (vegetable garden, recycling, saving energy and water) environment we are developing active environmental ambassadors who appreciative and exhibit an awareness of our environment and the wider community for future generations (being).

We would like to acknowledge the Bidjigal and Gadical people of the Eora nation who are the traditional custodians of this land that our community is built on today. We would also like to pay respect to the Elders past and present and extend our respect to other Aboriginal people present.

Involvement of families 

At Kensington Kids Kingdom, we believe that the support and information given by the families are crucial to maintaining high-quality care and education. In order to achieve and establish a strong foundation between the home environment and the care environment, we encourage families to share information, unique skills, and cultural value.

  • We provide various ways for families to provide feedback- i.e. child information sheets, email, notice boards and surveys.

  • We encourage families to get involved in the centre through centre events and the parent involvement calendar.

  • We encourage open communication channels with families about their child and the service.

In relation to children

At Kensington Kids Kingdom, we aim to provide a passionate, fun developmentally appropriate program that promotes healthy happy active learning, togetherness and exploration which is driven by the interests and needs of our children in care. We believe that every child has a voice and our objective is to ensure that their voice is heard. 

  • Children are competent and capable of contributing to their learning.

  • Children learn best through play.

  • The environment is a third teacher and therefore should be set up in a way that supports children’s ability to learn.

  • Families are a rich source of information and support for our children’s learning.

  • Positive interactions build reciprocal relationships.

  • These early years in a child’s life are the building blocks to a child’s future; therefore, the experiences they have with us must be positive, meaningful and sustainable for their future.

  • Bilingual staff to help children with settling into the Kensington Kids Kingdom setting when English is their second language.

  • An Educational and developmental program encourages physical growth, fosters satisfying social interactions, enhances creativity, develops language skills and promotes cognitive ability.

  • The program empowers children to make choices through use of language centres and simultaneous indoor and outdoor play which fosters and nurtures siblings and families.