Here at Kensington Kids Kingdom, children participate in language classes. Classes encompass stories, songs, history and musical expression utilising Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and structured intentional teaching periods. Recent studies have shown that exposure to new languages not only expands children’s perceptions of the world but can greatly assist their cognitive development as well as promoting better memories and children are often more creative and mentally flexible than monolinguals.



The transition to primary school can be a significant event in the life of a child and a positive transition to school has a strong correlation to ongoing achievement and engagement. Here at Kensington Kids Kingdom children engage in a school readiness program that ensures the transition is smooth. Our School Readiness Program incorporates fundamental numeracy and literacy components, as well as social and emotional development. 



Sport classes promote physical activity, healthy eating and collaboration. Children will learn the fundamentals of different sports. Sports introduce and reinforce the basic concepts and motor patterns. Sport classes aim to enhance children’s gross and fine motor skills, encourage their continued participation in sports and prepare them for their early school years. Children will develop greater self-confidence, enhanced self-esteem and a real sense of achievement, all of which shape their physiological wellbeing.