Our Environment

At Kensington we offer a home like an environment that enriches and stimulates children’s interests, skills and needs. Learning environments are warm welcoming spaces reflecting and developing the lives and identities of children and families participating in the setting and responding to their interests and needs.

We believe that the environment is a second teacher. Aspects of our early learning environments support each child’s physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive needs. Through catering for different developmental needs with a range of activities and age-appropriate play materials we strive to meet individual interests, and enable children to choose from a variety of options.


Our learning environments are inviting so that your child feels comfortable, safe and secure to explore, discover and make choices and decisions. All of the rooms and outdoor spaces are designed specifically to meet the individual needs of the children in each age group.


Our outdoor spaces are an extension of our indoor learning environments. They are designed to promote independent exploration and encourage children to practice and reinforce their gross motor skills as well as create a lot of room for social interactions and imaginative play.


Each of the environments are different as we cater for different developmental needs of the children.