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Our Environment

At Kensington Kids Kingdom we offer a home-like environment that enriches and stimulates children’s interests, skills and needs. Learning environments are warm welcoming spaces reflecting and developing the lives and identities of children and families participating in the setting and responding to their interests and needs.


Our learning environments are inviting so that your child feels comfortable, safe and secure to explore, discover and make choices and decisions. All of the rooms and outdoor spaces are designed specifically to meet the individual needs of the children in each age group.


Children are encouraged to grow, develop and explore through the spacious grassland playgrounds. We provide exceptional playground equipment as well as learning and play-based spaces with specifically chosen educational activities based on the children's interests and needs. Our environment is designed to support the multiple interests and curiosities of children in our care with access to both our indoor and outdoor environments.

At Kensington Kids Kingdom, we accept and respect all cultures and values of families, and we understand the importance of nurturing your children in a safe and diverse environment whilst they begin their early education and care journeys. We aim to develop a deeper understanding and connection with our Kensington Kids Kingdom parents as we nurture and support the lives of your child or children in our care. We are excited to share this amazing and extraordinary journey with you!

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