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Koala Room (0-2)

In our koala room, we work in close collaboration with parents to promote consistency between the home environment and the centre, providing the care and attention your child needs. Offering a flexible individualised routine. We spend a lot of time with you and your baby before you start to ensure that your baby feels safe and happy. We provide experiences to stimulate all senses so that we can foster the curiosity that is needed to explore confidently. We do lots of stacking, we introduce puzzles, we enjoy sensory tubs filled with all sorts of gooey, warm, cold and glittery things. At this age children enjoy walkers, building with blocks, posting, painting and attempting to scribble with crayons on paper.


Bilby Room (2-3)

In our bilby room, we encourage the newfound independence that toddlers often have when they realise they can move very easily without help and they have a few words to express how they feel. We believe it is very important for Toddlers to be presented with many gross motor activities to develop their balance, strength, coordination and spatial awareness. In this room, they start to pretend play, they love messy play, animals, cars and babies. Sensory play is also a big part of the program through light exploration and musical instruments. All our programs are dedicated to exploring all developmental areas of


Pre-Wallaby Room(3-4)

Our pre-wallaby room explores children’s interests through project work. This deepens their level of understanding through doing their own investigations. We aim to teach children life skills like applying their own sunscreen and taking off their shoes. We also have a big emphasis on children looking after their own belongings by encouraging ownership. The outdoor space is shared with the Bildby room and provides great opportunities for children to share experiences and challenge each other. Fundamental movement skills are explored through games and quality equipment during outdoor play.

Wallaby Room (4-5)

In our wallaby room, children are deepening their own learning by investigation. Children are encouraged to resolve conflict, express their feelings and generate solutions to conflict with the support of experienced educators. Our children are also supported to be totally independent when it comes to putting on their jumpers and shoes, serving their own morning tea using tongs and serving themselves milk. Most children in this room will go to school the following year, so it is very important to encourage resilience by developing independence and initiating play with other children, being able to create a sense of belonging in a group environment and to foster a love of learning. These life skills will not only help children when they go to school, but they are skills that will develop within the individual to help them be successful in life. We provide a School Readiness Program to help children smoothly transition into the next stage of their education.

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